Monday, May 7, 2012

Mission Complete!!

This weekend was fantastic. We had great weather, I went to my first quilt show (details below) and I finished taking pictures and listing all my new products.

Here are a couple new products I listed...

You can see the rest of my new items in my shop.

Now for the quilt show.  It was great to see some fantastic quilts from everything to the tiny to the absolutely huge. There were simple to very complex. I love quilting because there is so much variation available. There were three quilts there that were made with the same pattern, but looked so different because they had used different fabrics.

I came out of there with lots of ideas and of course some more fabric (like I need it, but will make very pretty quilts). I look forward to going to the next show and will definitely take some pictures.

Now for next weekend....finishing the patio extension. Fingers crossed for warm sunny weather.


  1. Love the fabric you used for these projects. I love going to quilt shows. So fun and full of inspiration!

  2. Bright and beautiful - love this fabric! You have a great shop, by the way!

  3. Very lovely!!! your fabrics are amazing :)

  4. Gorgeous fabrics!
    I love your new bag! The quilt show must've been huge fun :)

  5. I love the fabric combination in the first picture! The patterns work really well together.